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'Althea' and Littlewood, KarinThe bullies6+
Abrams, Douglas Carlton, Ford, A.G. and Tutu, Archbishop DesmondDesmond and the Very Mean Word7+
Al-Ghani, Haitham and Al-Ghani, K. I.Baby Blue Has the Blues5+
Aldous, Kate and Fine, AnneThe angel of Nitshill Road8+
Almond, David and McKean, DaveThe Savage10+
Amos, Janine and Green, GwenBully6+
Anthony, DanThe Bus Stop at the End of the World9+
Archibold, Tim and Graves, SueWoolly the Bully (Leapfrog Rhyme Time)5+
Ashley, BernardAll my men10+
Ashley, BernardTerry on the fence10+
Aubrey, Annette and Barton, PatriceThe Understanding... The Rainbow Club6+
Bailey, Ella and Hussain, NadiyaToday I’m Strong4+
Bates, Ivan and McBratney, SamIn Crack WillowWood6+
Bingham, JaneTalk About Bullying10+
Bingham, Jane and Turner, HelenSad (QED Everybody Feels series)5+
Blackledge, Adam and O'Loughlin, ElizabethA bully picked on me5+
Blackman, MalorieCloud busting8+
Blundell, Tony and Dhami, NarinderAnimal crackers7+
Bockus, Petra and Grossman, Linda SkyRespect is correct5+
Bode, Ann De and Broere, RienIt's always me they're after6+
Bode, Ann De and Broere, RienPay up, or else!6+
Bone, Ian and Craig, SmithPimple-head and Curly8+
Brackenborough, Michelle and Elson, JaneA Room Full of Chocolate10+
Bradman, TonyHurricane!9+
Breslin, TeresaBullies at school8+
Breslin, TheresaThe dream master10+
Brychta, Alex and Hunt, RoderickThe bully6+
Burnard, DamonBullysaurus7+
Byars, BetsyThe eighteenth emergency9+
Cassidy, CathyIndigo Blue11+
Chadwick, Kat and Rochester, KarenBe Brave6+
Chambers, AidanThe present takers10+
Chambers, HelenaThe ghost who didn't believe in humans9+
Chandler, Richy K.Lucy the Octopus10+
Charlish, AnneBullying9+
Chatterton, Martin, Hollingworth, George and Ure, JeanDanny Dynamite6+
Chissick, Michael and Peacock, SarahLadybird's Remarkable Relaxation: How Children (and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bully4+
Clark, Emma ChichesterNo more teasing!3+
Cole, BabetteHurrah for Ethelyn6+
Coleman, John and Solomon, YvetteDealing with bullying10+
Collini, E. and Padoan, GianniFollow my leader8+
Collins, RossThis Zoo is Not for You4+
Cowie, Helen, Jones, Ffion and Tenenbaum, HarrietEmily Is Being Bullied, What Can She Do? : a story and anti-bullying guide for children and adults to read together7+
Cox, Phil Roxbee and McCafferty, JanDon't Be a Bully, Billy! (Cautionary Tales)5+
Crosby, Amy and Siggs, SarahMud Boy5+
Curnick, Pippa and Rauf, Onjali Q.The Boy At the Back of the Class9+
Daly, NikiNicholas and the Wild Ones5+
Daykin, Chloe and Jones, RichardFish Boy11+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneDealing with Bullying5+
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, JaneDealing with Racism5+
Decker, C.B. and Levy, JaniceAlley Oops6+
Delaunois, Angele and Delezenne, ChristineThe Little Yellow Bottle6+
DiCamillo, KateThe tiger rising10+
Dicks, Terrance and McCaffrey, PaulGoliath and the school bully8+
Dunton, Trevor and Graves, SueGiraffe Is Left Out - A book about feeling bullied (Behaviour Matters)4+
Dunton, Trevor and Graves, SueGiraffe is Left Out - A Book About Feeling Bullied (Behaviour Matters)5+
Edwards, NicolaTalking about bullying6+
Edwards, NicolaTalking about domestic violence6+
Elliott, MicheleBullying10+
Elliott, MicheleThe Willow Street Kids beat the bullies11+
Elliott, Michelle and Venning, HarryBullies, Cyberbullies and Frenemies (Teen Life Confidential)10+
Ely, Lesley and Phillips, MikeAll about bullying8+
Evans, Jane and Jackson, LaurenceHow are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?: Exploring Big Feelings After Living in a Stormy Home3+
Fine, AnneBlue Moon Day10+
Fisher, Chris and French, VivianDraglins and the Bully5+
Ford, A.G. and Javaherbin, MinaGoal!8+
Foreman, Michael and Morpurgo, Sir MichaelLucky Button9+
Foster, JohnGet off my back - poems about bullying9+
Fuller, Rachel and Seeney, JillA Safe Place for Rufus 3+
Galvani, Maureen and Impey, RoseTrouble with the Tucker Twins4+
Gatti, WillThe geek, the Greek and the Pimpernel10+
Gibbons, AlanChicken10+
Godden, RumerThe diddakoi10+
Gordon, Mike and Green, JenI feel bullied6+
Gordon, Mike and Spilsbury, LouiseSay No to Bullying 9+
Gower, MickThe gang - a story about bullying9+
Graham, Bob and Rosen, MichaelI'm Number One3+
Gray, Kes and Wildish, LeeLeave Me Alone5+
Green, JenRacism (Thoughts and Feelings)7+
Green, Roger J.Cuckoos11+
Grimshaw, KathFrankie's Foibles: A story about a boy who worries6+
Grindley, Sally and Monks, LydiaWho's next5+
Hagger-Holt, SarahNothing ever happens here10+
Haig, Matt and Mould, ChrisThe Truth Pixie Goes to School8+
Hammond, Andy and Shipton, PaulThe anti-bully machine9+
Harker, Lesley and Thomas, PatStop picking on me - a first look at bulllying5+
Harrold, A.F. and Pinfold, LeviThe Song from Somewhere Else9+
Hayes, Rosemary and Herbert, CarrieRising Above Bullying: From Despair to Recovery11+
Head, HonorHow to Handle Bullying and Gangs (Under Pressure)10+
Head, HonorUnder Pressure: How to Handle Cyber-Bullies10+
Hearn, Sam and Robinson, CatherinePigface8+
Hewitt, SallyHow can I deal with bullying?6+
Hewitt, SallyRacism (How Can I Deal with...?)6+
Holmes, Margaret M. and Pillo, CaryA Terrible Thing Happened5+
Howard, Paul and Mark, JanLady Long-legs6+
Howard, Paul and Mark, JanTaking the cat's way home5+
Howe, CathElla on the Outside10+
Hu, C.C. Alicia, Kuo, Ching-Pang, Ogden, Pat and Westcott, AnneBomji and Spotty's Frightening Adventure (Hidden Strengths Therapeutic Children's Books)4+
Hu, C.C. Alicia, Kuo, Ching-Pang, Ogden, Pat and Westcott, AnneHow Little Coyote Found His Secret Strength (Hidden Strengths Therapeutic Children's Books)4+
Hughes, DavidBully8+
James, Hel and Martineau, SusanDealing with Bullying (Positive Steps)8+
Jarman, Julia and Pankhurst, KateA Friend in Need! (Friends)8+
Jarman, JulieHangman11+
Jenkin-Pearce, SusieRosie and the pavement bears5+
Johnson, JulieBullies and gangs6+
Johnson, JulieHow do I feel about - bullies and gangs7+
Johnson, JulieWhy do people join gangs?10+
Johnson, PeteTraitor10+
Jones, JacAlison and the bully monsters5+
Kebbe, JonathanThe bottle-top king10+
Keen, Sophie and Powell, JennyStop Bullying Me! (Putting on a Play)8+
Kemp, GeneThe haunted piccolo8+
Knowles, Alison and Wiltshire, SophieOllie and His Superpowers6+
Knowles, Alison and Wiltshire, SophieOllie and the Golden Stripe (Ollie and His Superpowers)6+
Krackow, Eric T.The Lollipop Monster4+
Laird, ElizabethJake's tower11+
Latimer, AlexLion vs Rabbit5+
Lees, Beverley and Ure, JeanSoppy Birthday7+
Leonardo, Todd and McCain, Becky RayNobody Knew What to Do: A Story about Bullying7+
Lewis, Stephen and Wilson, JacquelineMonster Eyeballs (Blue Bananas)6+
Lionni, LeoSwimmy5+
Lobel, GillHazel, not a nut11+
Longcroft, Sean and Lovegrove, JamesThe Black Phone (Ford & Keane Mystery)11+
Ludlow, Pat and Stones, RosemaryNo more bullying6+
MacPhail, CatherineRun Zan run11+
Mafaridik, Nasaya and Mian, ZanibPlanet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet8+
Marks, Alan and Powling, ChrisBlade10+
Masters, Anthony and Player, StephenBully!9+
Mattern, JoanneBullying (The Real Deal)10+
Matthews, AndrewStiks and stoans11+
McCloud, Carol and Messing, DavidHave You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids5+
McCombie, KarenAngels Next Door 9+
McKay, HilaryIndigo's star10+
McNicoll, ElleA Kind of Spark10+
McPhail, David M.No!5+
Morgan, Anna and Turkienicz, RachelMy (Worst) Best Sleepover Party9+
Morgan, Michaela and Pal, ErikaNight Flight8+
Morpurgo, Michael and Turley, GerryConker7+
Morse, SimonMonster School for Ghosts and Ghouls3+
Morse, SimonThe Adventures of Rocket Kid4+
Moses, BrianBest of Enemies, Best of Friends7+
Muzzio, Denise and Regwan, SolGeraldine and the Anti-Bullying Shield6+
Myers, Steve and Sanders, PeteLet's discuss getting into trouble or crime11+
Needle, JanThe bully10+
Newboult, MirandaEmma's Stormy Summer9+
Newnham, Mark and Smith, MartinThe Football Boy Wonder (The Charlie Fry Series) (Volume 1)7+
Patterson, RebeccaFour Bad Unicorns5+
Philbrick, RodmanLobster Boy11+
Phinn, GervaseA Bit of a Hero9+
Powell, JillianWhat do we think about bullying?6+
Premiership, KidThe bully3+
Prendergast, PeterDancing in the Dark11+
Rai, BaliDream On11+
Raum, ElizabethBullying (Tough Topics)6+
Rayner, ShooThe ginger ninja5+
Rees, CeliaThe Bailey game11+
Rees, Mary and Willis, JeaneWhat do you want to be, Brian?5+
Revell, MikeStonebird9+
Ridley, PhilipKrindlekrax9+
Roberts, David and Wilson, JacquelineMy Brother Bernadette (Yellow bananas)7+
Ross, TonyIs it because?6+
Salaman, Rosy and Webb, SueCan I Tell You About Compassion?8+
Sanders, BruceTalking about bullying8+
Sanders, PeteDealing with bullying10+
Sanders, PeteViolent feelings10+
Scott, Kimberley and Simmonds, EllieEllie's Magical Bakery: Best Cake for a Best Friend8+
Seeger, Laura VaccaroBully5+
Sefton, CatherineThe Skeleton Club9+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineCookie10+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineSecrets10+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineThe Butterfly Club8+
Slater, KimA Seven-Letter Word11+
Smith, WendyBilly the conkerer6+
Stead, RebeccaLiar and Spy10+
Stevens, RobWould the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up?10+
Stones, RosemaryDon't pick on me - how to handle bullying9+
Sullivan, JennyA guardian what?9+
Thompson, LisaThe Goldfish Boy10+
Tipping, NaomiBully: A Lift-the-flap Book (My Life)6+
Townsend, JohnThe Stone Balancer 11+
Trajan, JacquieTuppence3+
Wilhelm, HansTyrone and the swamp gang6+
Wilson, JacquelineCandyfloss10+
Winter, TamsinJemima Small Versus the Universe10+
Yelland, DavidThe Truth About Leo10+