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Racism (Thoughts and Feelings) ISBN: 9780749674953
Green, Jen
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2007
With both photographs and comic-style pictures, this book gives us a comprehensive look at racism in words that Key Stage 1/2 children should have little problem understanding. In sections such as: What is Racism?, The History of Racism, Racism Today, Feelings, and Stopping Racism, we meet individual children who have suffered racist attacks of one sort or another and are able to talk about their feelings and what they have done to ameliorate the situations. We are also told about racist behaviour in the past (, for instance, American Indians were treated badly by the settlers who took over their lands. Misconceptions, unkind words and actions, bullying, letting others form your opinions - all these are talked about in clear terms. This should be an excellent introduction for discussion, and in schools particularly, the index and sources of further information will be useful.
Age: 7+