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Bullying (The Real Deal) ISBN: 9780431908106
Mattern, Joanne
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2009
In this series of books aimed at upper primary and secondary children, a range of topics about health and social issues is covered. Quite detailed information includes Case Studies, Newsflash boxes and Top Tips. What Do You Think boxes give discussion questions. Photographs add greatly to the whole. This book,'Bullying', is a comprehensive discussion of what it is, the different types (physical, verbal, psychological), the places it can happen (school, home, online, etc.), and information on what makes bullies and what makes victims. The problem of being a witness to bullying and how it can cause further problems to the victim and to the witness him or herself is covered well. The effects of bullying on the victim is explained in detail, effects such as lack of self-esteem, being anxious or scared, lack of concentration, the giving up of desirable activities, loneliness, and physical symptoms like stomach aches, etc. Becoming a bully oneself is not the answer and will probably lead the victim to feel even worse about himself. Ways of coping are suggested, such as looking and feeling confident, joining a club or team, not showing hurt, staying around other people (not necessarily friends) and learning self-defence. If the problem continues, one should talk to a parent, teacher, or school counsellor - it is important not to give up. A page of Facts About Bullying at the end sums up the book nicely. As this series is particularly useful for schools and project work, the glossary, a list of further resources and an index are welcome additions.
Age: 10+