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Under Pressure: How to Handle Cyber-Bullies ISBN: 9781445132389
Head, Honor
Published by Franklin Watts, 2014
An information book directed precisely at young people being menaced through media, the pictures are aimed more at teenagers, but the text should be clear to younger children. There is a large amount of really good, clear information about such subjects as how to 'record, report, and block' cyberbullies so that you have proof of their activities, emails, texts, chat rooms, social networks, instant messaging, photos and videos, hate campaigns, exclusion, hacking and viruses, and basics on how to stay safe. Strategies and excellent advice are found throughout the book, as well as boxes with different young people's experiences. There are questions and answers too, and advice on helping friends whom one suspects are being bullied. A good section aimed at bullies is important too. Taking control of one's own life again is tremendously important, even if that means going offline for a time. A glossary, an index, and a list of websites and books add to the information.
Age: 10+