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No! ISBN: 9781847801203
McPhail, David M.
Published by Frances Lincoln, 2011
In this sophisticated and valuable picture book, a little boy writes a letter and then goes to post it. On the way he sees bombs being dropped from 'planes, a tank blowing up a house, soldiers breaking down the door of a house with terrified people inside, and a man being beaten by a policeman. A bully is awaiting him at the post box, and when the bully menaces the boy, the boy shouts 'NO!' The bully is so taken aback that he runs after the lad, and as they return home, they see that peace has broken out in the streets: people are being kind, even the soldiers, and when a large parachute descends with a bicycle tied to the end, the boys ride off together. 'No' is the only word spoken in this outstanding picture book, and the illustrations tell the story in the best possible way. A real tour de force.
Age: 5+