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Pigface ISBN: 9780552548601
Hearn, Sam and Robinson, Catherine
Published by Young Corgi, 2002
This short novel is full of emotion - jealousy and fear as well as bullying. Noah and his friends have always called Pigface just that. Not only is he round and pink with glasses, but he also lives on a pig farm. He is an outcast in class, but never seems to mind the taunts. Noah, who is good at sport, breaks his leg, and during his long convalescence, a new boy arrives in school. Everyone likes Basil, and when Noah returns, he finds himself ousted as class leader. He becomes jealous and morose, and it is Pigface who shows sensitivity to his needs. Noah gets to know Pigface, visits the farm, learns about his talents, and finds him to be self-assured in his own environment, and by the end of the story has helped Pigface (or Harry as he really is) to integrate with the class. The emotions are realistic and well-handled, and the black and white sketches help move the story along.
Age: 8+