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The Football Boy Wonder (The Charlie Fry Series) (Volume 1) ISBN: 9781517185268
Newnham, Mark and Smith, Martin
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015
Eleven-year-old Charlie Fry is mad-keen on football. He also has cystic fibrosis, but he doesn't let this stop him, and in spite of being small for his age and not able to run too far, he does his very best for his school team, Blackfriars. When he plays in his fist game, he doesn't do very well, and as Blackfriars lose, he finds himself blamed by bullies, Adam, Seamus and Lee. His best friends, Joe and Peter, are supportive though, and promise to help him practice before the big Hall Park trials that will take place soon. Going home from Peter's house, Charlie is caught in a thunderstorm, and his phone (which he is holding) is shattered by lightening, knocking him out. A week in hospital and another at home follow before he can go back to school, and he is worried that there is little time left to train for the trials. Then he discovers something fantastic. The lightening strike has somehow transferred a 'shape' into his head from a game on his phone, and this shape gives him the ability to kick the ball exactly where he want it to go. Will Charlie get fit in time for the trials? Will his new skill help? Will the bullies stop his progress? Read on to find out in this short but pacey book. The boys' banter is realistic, the bullies are truly horrible (physically cruel), and the facts about Charlie's CF are presented matter-of-factly. This is a likeable lad who will win through whatever the prospects, and equally football mad boys will love the story.
Age: 7+