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The Skeleton Club ISBN: 9780241134894
Sefton, Catherine
Published by Hamish Hamilton (Antelope), 1995

Conor is a member of the Skeleton Club, a most unpleasant gang of bullies who run Ballygelget Prrimary, and Conor thinks their leader, Jerome, is invincible. His cousin Big Annie knows better, and when Walter moves to the school, she sets about protecting him from the bullies. Walter is large and fat and is instantly nicknamed Pigface. The Skeleton Club is horrid to him, right down to physical violence. How Big Annie triumphs in the end makes up the rest of the story, but these are truly nasty children, and one has an uneasy feeling that all is still not well at Ballygelget. Remarkably strong writing in a short novelette. Black and white line drawings.
Age: 9+