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No more bullying ISBN: 9781899248070
Ludlow, Pat and Stones, Rosemary
Published by Happy Cat (Talking it Through series), 1998
Outstanding illustrations help make this special. The central character, a little girl, is very unhappy at school because another child, Lisa, has decided to pick on her. Lisa has beautiful clothes and hair and is a natural leader whom the other children follow without hesitation. The central child lives only with mum, and they have no money for extras like patent leather shoes. No one realises she is suffering taunts of 'smelly' and 'nits' and that the other children are actively rude to her until a secondary schoolboy, who is observing the class, sees her being pushed around. When he and the child tell the teacher, steps are taken at once, and the teacher and headmaster act out a play for the class so they understand what they have been doing. Lisa is chastised, and the little girl begins to regain her self-confidence. She and Lisa will never be friends, but she is 'all right'. The hero, the older boy, is black. An outstanding producton.
Age: 6+