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A Safe Place for Rufus ISBN: 9781907585456
Fuller, Rachel and Seeney, Jill
Published by British Association for Adoption & Fostering, 2012
When Rufus, a tortoiseshell cat, is adopted by the Robinson family, he finds the adjustment difficult. The Robinsons are very kind, but his previous home has not been, and Rufus is often cross and 'roars like a tiger'. He refuses to eat anything but pilchards, and when worried, runs to hide. He often feels that bad memories are all too near, and looks for a special place where the memories can't follow him, but without success. One day he discovers a soft, blue cushion on top of a chest, and while sitting on it, he discovers he feels at home. 'At last! A safe place for Rufus. Somewhere cosy and calm....' The memories 'float out the window', and he is able to learn to eat things besides pilchards and to enjoy his new family. This is a delightful story with moving and beautifully done illustrations, the perfect book to share with a child damaged from a previous experience. There are notes at the end, helpful to people reading the book with a child for the first time. Available from Amazon or from
Age: 3+