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A bully picked on me ISBN: 9781844930197
Blackledge, Adam and O'Loughlin, Elizabeth
Published by Pangolin Books (It Happened to Me series), 2005
We don't see the child being bullied in the story - we just see his or her friends, parents, teacher, and, of course, the bully. Told by the sad child, he/she tells us how he had always loved school until Newbie came along. Newbie doesn't have a reason to bully, he just does, and the child's friends fall away because Newbie says they must. Newbie says he/she mustn't tell, and as the sadness and tummy aches and refusal to go to school get worse, mum and dad take him/her to the teacher. The teacher asks if bullying is the problem, but the child doesn't understand the word. Dad explains and confession follows. Teacher says he/she was brave to tell and that she will help. But the child doesn't feel brave - more like 'a shaking hamster'. Things do get better, but 'school will never be the same And Newbie still hates me, I can tell.' A sad but realistic little book with illustrations done by a child in primary colours. The author is a psychotherapist working with adults and children.
Age: 5+