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The Adventures of Rocket Kid ISBN: 9781909772007
Morse, Simon
Published by Tia Publishing Ltd, 2013
Jimmy desperately wants to go into space. It's his biggest dream, but Sully across the road bullies him about his big ideas, 'You'll never get to space.' Mum is encouraging and helpful: 'Cheer up and don't be glum. With hard work and determination you will get there son.' One night he dreams that the drawing he has made of a special rocket to strap on his back becomes real, and off he goes (with his teddy) into space. Landing on a blue planet, known as Bing Bong Bam, he meets some friendly aliens, one of whom, Stan, is sad because he can never win the race as to who can collect the most stars from the stream. Jimmy then becomes the one to encourage, and together they hatch a plan so that Stan can win. Back in his room after his adventure, Jimmy knows that perseverance can solve most problems, and the next day on the way to school he confronts the bully Sully: 'You said I'd never get to space, or fly off in the sky. But with hard work and determination you can do anything if you try.' The pictures are full of imaginative colour and larger than life characters, and children will enjoy the rhymes. If 'hard work and determination' don't always get us where we want to go, they can certainly help.
Age: 4+