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A guardian what? ISBN: 9781843236467
Sullivan, Jenny
Published by Pont, 2006
Tali has problems. With Welsh as her first language, she has moved from north to south Wales. Her first year at the English comprehensive has not got off to a good start, and as she is small and her parents are 'arty' and different, she is the perfect target for Fiona and S'mantha, arch bullies. These two are real nasties. Not content with demanding money, they are physical bullies too. Tali doesn't want to be a tell-tale, but she does want a quiet life, and one day in despair she wishes for a Guardian Angel. The 'being' she gets is no angel! What appears is Atchy, all 3 metres of her, dressed in nothing at all and smelling of exceedingly bad rubbish. Tali's Guardian Angel is out of action so Atchy has been sent instead - a Guardian Demon (Seventh Grade). Atchy looks to make the problems worse. Her personal habits, the strange things she eats, and worst of all, her pure enjoyment of all things dreadful - including the two bullies tactics - make her worse than useless. But she wants to do well by Tali and to become a real Guardian Angel, and when she finally understands what is needed, she comes up trumps. Tali and her schoolmates actually solve the problem of the bullies themselves with only a little help from Atchy and her chums. The solution is to stand up to the bullies as a group, and while there is a supernatural element, it isn't the main answer. Tali makes friends and adjusts to her new life, and that also helps. Atchy with her peculiar ways and daft language is easily one the most memorable characters in recent children's fiction. And she's on her way to getting her wings!
Age: 9+