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Secrets ISBN: 9780385601825
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by Doubleday, 2002
Treasure and India don't, at first glance, have anything in common except for the need of a best friend. Treasure lives in a council house with her mum, step-siblings and an extremely violent step-father. When Terry beats her with a belt, causing a serious cut to her face, Treasure's Nan takes her to live with her. India comes from a well-off family, but her dad drinks and likes the girls, and high-powered mum is a well-known clothes designer for children. India is fat, and mum nags her about her weight, but has very little to do with her otherwise. India is obsessive about Anne Frank, and when she and Treasure meet and hit it off, it is India's idea to hide Treasure in her family's attic when violent Terry tries to make her come back to him and her mum. The uproar that follows when Treasure disappears means the media play it all up, and a mentally disabled lad is arrested for murder. When the truth comes out, India's family is destroyed, but Treasure is allowed to stay with Nan, and she and India will continue friends forever. There is a very dark side to this story, but India and Treasure are such sparky heroines that one has no trouble believing they will come through okay. A super read, as always with Wilson.
Age: 10+