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Monster Eyeballs (Blue Bananas) ISBN: 9781405202503
Lewis, Stephen and Wilson, Jacqueline
Published by Egmont Books Ltd, 2002
Kate likes school. She likes art and story time and her best friend Amy, but she isn't keen on the school toilets, and she particularly dislikes Mark, the class bully. As long as Amy is around, Kate can cope, but when Amy gets chickenpox, Mark becomes a real menace. He steals her chocolates and threatens her. When Kate tells her brother, Robbie, he has a fight with Mark's brother, but this only makes matters worse, particularly when the two older brothers make friends! It's at Robbie's birthday party that Kate, a feisty sort, shows Mark up and he stops the bullying. One of the Blue Banana series for early readers, this story packs an amazing amount into its 48 pages. Full of colourful illustrations with speech bubbles as well, it will appeal to even reluctant readers. The bullying, while serious, has resolution, which Kate manages herself, and lessons are learned.
Age: 6+