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Say No to Bullying ISBN: 9780750271110
Gordon, Mike and Spilsbury, Louise
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
A very thorough and interesting information book on all the different kinds of bullying - verbal, physical, teasing and name-calling, relationship bullying, and prejudice bullying - and how to counteract them. Cyberbullying gets a whole chapter to itself and covers all the different kinds - mobile phone, internet abuse, and social networking sites. A good section on adults as bullies admits that teachers and parents can be bullies too, not only to children but to each other. Abuse, both physical and sexual is covered in a further section, and then we go on to learn why people bully and that they are often bullied themselves or have problems that make them react the way they do. Ways of developing self-esteem and quite specific responses to bullies are given in lots of detail - even specific phrases and actions one can use in dealing with a bully. There is much about friends being important, and all through the book there are constant suggestions that telling adults - and continuing to tell adults - is important too. How to cope with bullies out on the street is covered, and at the end we have a multiple choice quiz to help us see where we are in our ability to handle bullying. An index, a list of further books to read, and another of websites, organisations and helplines add to the information. Mike Gordon's comic-style illustrations are appealing and help along the text usefully, and the very specific coping strategies are a real strength of the book. Excellent for school libraries.
Age: 9+