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Indigo's star ISBN: 9780340875780
McKay, Hilary
Published by Hodder, 2003
The Casson family stars again in this wonderful, moving novel. In a term away from school because of glandular fever, Indigo has grown 6 inches, but he isn't keen to go back. Bullying from red-haired Tony and his gang has made life a misery. Returning to school and the continuation of the constant mistreatment, Indy meets Tom, a new boy from America, whose insouciance and self-esteem bring on the attentions of the bullies. The two boys team up, and Tom finds himself part of the chaotic, artistic, eccentric Casson family. Indy's technique with the bullies is one of attrition, and he and Tom finally win the gang around while isolating Tony. Other issues involved are Tom's difficult relationship with his father's new wife and baby in America and the splitting up of the Casson family parents. Younger sister Rose's reaction to what she sees as her father's defection is both funny and truthful. McKay's Casson family is a joy - a marvelous creation.
Age: 10+