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Hurrah for Ethelyn ISBN: 9780434932931
Cole, Babette
Published by Heinemann, 1991

Ethelyn Rat wants to be a brain surgeon. She is so brainy she wins a scholarship to Cheddar Gables College for Richer Ratlettes. But some of the other ratlettes aare jealous, particularly Tina Toerat and her gang of bullies. They make life miserable for Ethelyn, and when she is accused of stealing Miss Nibbles French cheeses, she is locked in the attic. Brother Errol comes to the rescue, and all is discovered. It is, of course, Tina and her gang who are responsible, but in the ensuing melee, Tina gets her head stuck in a vase. Ethelyn operates on her brain and becomes heroine of the hour. Whacky, but could be useful to a bright child suffering at the hands of jealous classmates.
Age: 6+