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No more teasing! ISBN: 9781842703106
Clark, Emma Chichester
Published by Andersen Press, 2004
In this second picture book about the two little monkeys, Mimi and Momo, we find that big cousin Momo has become a terrible tease. He calls Mimi names and plays tricks on her, steals her teddy, and threatens her with the Grizzly Grilla. Sometimes he makes her cry and then he calls her crybaby. Staunch little Mimi knows her own worth, but when the teasing gets too much, she consults grandma. Grandma turns herself into the the Grizzly Grilla, and together they scare the socks off Momo, who is made to promise: No more teasing! Clark's luminous illustrations convey Momo's mischief and Mimi's reactions with gentle clarity, and the surrounding forest teems with exotic life. Superb.
Age: 3+