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Animal crackers ISBN: 9780552546263
Blundell, Tony and Dhami, Narinder
Published by Young Corgi, 2000
When Sanjay is momentarily knocked out on the school playground, he wakes to the realization that everyone has turned into animals - friends, teachers, even the ambulance crew who come to collect him. Furthermore, the animals they turn into have all the characteristics of that person. When school bully Barry, who has been collecting 10p a week from each of his schoolmates, turns out to be a fluffy bunny, Sanjay works out how to handle him, and a second knock on the head turns everyone back into people again. A funny, short read with lots of black and white illustrations and a truly menacing gang of bullies. The main point is that if we could see the real person beneath the bully, we would have nothing to fear.
Age: 7+