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Tuppence ISBN: 9780956283139
Trajan, Jacquie
Published by Barn-E-Bee Publishing, 2011
Tuppence is a grey, furry cat, lovely and cuddly looking, and she has a remarkable purr of which she is proud. But - 'Although Tuppence looked cute and purrrrfectly pretty, she was actually a mean, bad tempered grey kitty.' Oh dear. She chases the chickens and ducks, terrifies the fish and the baby birds, and the farmyard animals are afraid of her. But when she wakes up one morning and discovers her purr is gone, she is horrified. Perhaps Bert, the magic pixie, can help. His advice is sound: if she can give up her bullying ways, her purr might just return. So she does. And in the process discovers just how nice it can be to have friends instead of enemies. When all the animals give her a party in honour of her new personality, her purr returns and she is happy. The rhyming couplets are great fun, but it is really the illustrations that make the story. Tuppence is gorgeous, and in spite of his bullying ways, I want to pick him up and give him a big hug!
Age: 3+