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The ginger ninja ISBN: 9780340619551
Rayner, Shoo
Published by Hodder, 1995

Ginger the kitten loves school - everything about it. Until one day Tiddles joins the class. Tiddles is a large, stripy, unpleasant kitten, and it is soon apparent that he is out to terrorise the school. Having got himself a gang, he proceeds to bully the smaller kittens, Ginger included, to give him their money and lunches. Ginger feels he cannot tell anyone, but he gets sadder and sadder. It is Grandad Cat to whom he finally confides, and Grandad gives him a secret charm that turns him into 'the ginger ninja'. He fearlessly faces up to Tiddles and stares him down after four minutes and twenty- seven seconds. Ginger becomes a hero. A very short read interspersed with lots of black and white comic illustrations.
Age: 5+