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The Lollipop Monster ISBN: 9780764337734
Krackow, Eric T.
Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2011
Monstoria, we are told, is a beautiful place, full of all kinds of monsters - big ones, small ones, some with 2,3,or 4 eyes, some with fur, and others with feathers or with two heads. The delicious illustrations show us all, and while they are monster-like, they are also rather cuddly and fun. There is one big problem in Monstoria. The large monsters pick on the small ones; in fact, they are bullies. No one calls them bullies because no one there realises they are. That is, no one but Larry. Larry is a big monster with pink fur and purple stripes, and he just loves lollipops. He's good at sharing them too, and gives them away freely to all his friends, large or small. Larry is different in another way. He doesn't like to bully the small monsters. He doesn't think it's right, even though no one in Monstoria has ever questioned it before. When he encounters Jagger, the large orange monster who leads the bullies, Jagger is taking a toy away from one of the small monsters, Zabby, and Zabby is distraught. In his polite way, Larry confronts the gang even though he is nervous and afraid. But Jagger throws his bag of lollipops up in the air and runs off with his friends. After this, Larry is 'sent to Coventry' by all the large monsters because he has broken the custom in Monstoria, and he is very sad. Jagger and his chums call him Larry the Loser, and in a second encounter Jagger attacks Larry because he refuses to bully the small monsters - only Larry ducks, and Jagger's fist lands on a large green mound which turns out to be the largest monster ever. And he is not pleased! The denouement is predictable, but highly commendable, and all in Monstoria learn that 'Just because I could, doesn't mean I should.' And they all learn to love lollipops too! The story is fun, and even though a tad old fashioned in nature, it, along with the super illustrations, makes for an excellent production. Available from Amazon, from good book shops, and direct from Gazelle: email (01524 528500).
Age: 4+