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Tyrone and the swamp gang ISBN: 9780590137027
Wilhelm, Hans
Published by Scholastic, 1996

In dinosaur land it has been a bad year for Boland and his three friends. Everyone else in their class has joined Tyrone the bully's swamp gang. Even Boland's friends are beginning to think it mightn't be a bad idea as the gang seems to have such a good time. Headmaster B.C. Scatterbone makes the class clear up after Tyrone's gang when they perform their practical jokes, and Tyrone is not at all pleased at this development. A plot to put burning lava rocks outside the headmaster'' house is foiled by Boland and his friends, but the gang finds them out, and just when Tyrone seems to have the upper hand, he falls on the rocks himself: 'this time his prank had backfired in more ways than one'. Tyrone has a burned backside and must wear a nappy for some weeks! His influence is finished, and the little dinosaurs don't want to be like him anymore. Funny, but pointed. The illustrations excellent, and the story should appeal particularly to boys.
Age: 6+