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The Little Yellow Bottle ISBN: 9781926920344
Delaunois, Angele and Delezenne, Christine
Published by Second Story Press, 2012
A stunning and important book. Mara tells the story. She and her best friend Ahmad live in a village in a country torn by war and bombs, but in their village, their concerns are about seed time and harvest - and football! They love football, and Ahmad is a fine goal keeper. But one day airplanes fly over and drop bombs, and when Ahmad and Mara find a little yellow bottle from one of the bombs, their lives change forever. The bottle explodes and both children are badly hurt. Mara is unconscious for some time and wakes to find her body covered in bandages. She will heal, but Ahmad has lost a leg and one of his hands. He at first turns to the wall and 'forgets how to smile'. But a new friend comes along, someone else who has 'met with a yellow bottle', and he shows Ahmad how he will be able to walk, climb stairs, and even drive a car eventually, and slowly, slowly Ahmad begins to improve. He will not play soccer again, but he becomes an excellent coach, and Mara is very proud of her friend. The illustrations for the book are outstanding. A combination of photos, paintings and collage, they movingly express this beautifully told story. Sponsored by Handicap International and published in Canada, the book is available from Amazon, good book shops, and from the distributors in the UK: (Tel: 0152468765).
Age: 6+