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Soppy Birthday ISBN: 9781852130855
Lees, Beverley and Ure, Jean
Published by Orchard, 1988

The Zombies are a gang of four young boys who enjoy pushing everyone around. Their motto is 'I swear I will be as horrid as I can whenever I can and whoever I can be it to'. To be 'soppy' is the worst possible taunt to the Zombies, so Ben, who is one of their number, cannot admit that the thing he wants most for his birthday is a recorder. When he doesn't get it, he is disappointed. But Ben has already begun to have some doubts about the Zombies, and when he actually meets Fat Alice, one of their victims, and she lets him play her recorder, he gives up his bullying friends without hesitation. Ben is black and the rest of the gang is white. The book is short and scattered with excellent colour illustrations.
Age: 7+