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The dream master ISBN: 9780440863823
Breslin, Theresa
Published by Corgi Yearling, 1999
Cy is dyslexic, in writing, not reading. He is also highly imaginative. He and his schoolmates suffer from the attentions of Chloe and Eddie, a team of bullies. In Cy's dreams, he encounters a Dream Master, a dwarf with a nice line in jaunty slang, and he becomes involved with Aten, an Egyptian boy who has been trapped in a Pharaoh's tomb. Through the magic of time travel, Aten comes with Cy to his own time, where it just happens that Cy's class is studying ancient Egypt. One of the most interesting scenes in the story is Aten's showing Cy how to practise his writing in a tray of sand - an Egyptian custom, which, because it is slow and takes great care, is helpful to Cy. He also convinces Cy of the importance of the written word, whether in English or in hieroglyphs. 'Here upon this wall is written wisdom and ideas.....more valuable than gold or incense.' Lots of exciting adventures finish with a surprise ending, and the right royal come-uppance of the two bullies. Excellent stuff!
Age: 10+