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Bullies at school ISBN: 9780863154379
Breslin, Teresa
Published by Floris Books, 2003
The prosaic title hides a first-rate story. Siobhan is being bullied at school. Her retreat to the library at lunch time has not gone unnoticed by the sensitive librarian, but Siobhan is unable to explain to her teachers or mother (a single mum) what is going on. Mrs Allan, the librarian, takes Siobhan with her to the Resource Centre one afternoon to collect material for the class project about the Celts, and there they find a mysterious Celtic brooch which seems to give Siobhan special powers. Later that day she reads a story about her namesake in Celtic mythology, who also has a power-giving brooch, and Siobhan realises the brooches are the same. What she must learn, however, is to use, not abuse, her new power. Which she does satisfyingly. A simple read, but with great depth.
Age: 8+