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The Black Phone (Ford & Keane Mystery) ISBN: 9781408163337
Longcroft, Sean and Lovegrove, James
Published by A&C Black, 2012
Seb Ford, a wheelchair user with an excellent brain, and Frankie Keane, a strong and sturdy girl who uses her fists readily, make up a team. They use their detective skills whenever necessary, and in this case, they are helping a year 7 classmate, a beautiful American girl called Tara Adamski who is being cyber-bullied. This is real teenage stuff, full of action and idiom and edge-of-seat excitement, and the fact that it's an easy-read and short (79 pp) with several black and white illustrations makes it easily accessible. Ford and Keane find three suspects, and while each of them has a reason for having been the perpetrator, do they have the right answer? Great stuff and should be of particular use to those with reading difficulties.
Age: 11+