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Dealing with Bullying ISBN: 9781445157498
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, Jane
Published by Franklin Watts, 2019
One of a series of information books for young children (Key Stage 1) with stories of individuals having problems and giving advice on how to cope. This book about bullying, shows us seven different children being bullied in quite different ways and how each of them is helped to stop the bullying. Sometimes it is a friend or a sibling who helps; sometimes it is a parent or teacher. There are lots of good suggestions on what to do, and the emphasis is very much on ‘dealing with’ the problem as the title suggests. The bright, simple illustrations and clear text add much to the whole, and at the end, a short glossary, some helpful web sites, a brief index, and notes for adults using the book will be useful. One of the plusses in the stories is that parents will also find the advice helpful, and there is also a play-script for use in schools. A nicely produced, practical book for both school and home.
Age: 5+