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Ellie's Magical Bakery: Best Cake for a Best Friend ISBN: 9781782952664
Scott, Kimberley and Simmonds, Ellie
Published by Red Fox, 2014
This book was recommended to me by my granddaughter, Rosa. She wrote a review for me, and I can do no better than include part of it here: 'This book is a short, easy chapter book, perfect for young readers. A girl named Ellie has a condition called Achondroplasia (or dwarfism). Her father died when she was small and she lives with her very rude and unsupportive aunt, uncle and cousin. They are all very mean to her and call her too small and stupid to run a bakery. She loves baking and swimming because that's what her father taught her to do. Because of her horrible aunt and uncle, she starts to believe that she really is rubbish and useless because of her condition. Her father's kind words come back to her: She is Amazing! Her friends also support her, as she does them. (It all ends well.)' That's Rosa's review, and spot on, I say! The only addition I would make is that the book is written by Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds, whose experiences as a child must have reflected those of Ellie in the book. There is a magical element to the story, including a fairy called 'Victoria Sponge' who wields a spoon with the best of them, and a magic cookbook that helps Ellie no end in the beginning of her cake baking. It must be emphasised, though that Ellie makes the cakes herself. 'It's more fun that way,' says Victoria, and so it is Ellie herself who recognises and uses her talent. Black and white illustrations throughout help the story along and are great fun.There are two other books in the series: 'Perfect Pie for the Perfect Pet', and 'A Royal Tea for Royalty', and one would hope there are others in the pipeline.
Age: 8+