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Woolly the Bully (Leapfrog Rhyme Time) ISBN: 9780749677909
Archibold, Tim and Graves, Sue
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2008
We're back in the Stone Age here! 'Woolly was a mammoth. He was Rocky's favourite pet. But Woolly was a bully - the worst that you can get.' He makes life very difficult for the Pebble family, and when they report him to Rocky and his dad, they sadly decide that Woolly must go. This makes Woolly sad, but he waits around to see if he may be allowed to stay. When a storm floods the Pebble's cave, it is Woolly who saves the day, and the Pebbles are now glad to have him around. In this simple story with comic style pictures and lots of fun rhyming, we see that good can come out of bad and that lessons can be learned.
Age: 5+