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The bully ISBN: 9780199166633
Brychta, Alex and Hunt, Roderick
Published by O.U.P. (Owls), 1995

Part of the Oxford Reading Tree, this colourful story tells of Rosie, who comes to a new school and is nasty to everyone there. The children seem powerless until Rosie hears about their magic key and demands to see it. The magic key takes the children on an adventure where Rosie the bully becomes the names she calls the other children, so when she calls Wilf 'Parrot Face', she turns into a parrot, etc. Rosie cries and wants the magic to stop. The next day Rosie is bullied in turn by older children, and this time the others go for help. The teacher then talks to the school about bullying and explains that they must always tell someone when they see it happening. The style is easy and the print large and black, which one would expect in a reading-scheme, and while the resolution of bullying is through magic, the message comes through very well. Comic-style illustrations add to the whole.
Age: 6+