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It's always me they're after ISBN: 9780237517540
Bode, Ann De and Broere, Rien
Published by Evans Brothers (Helping Hands series), 1997
Peter has moved from the country to a splendid old house in town, and except for missing his best friend, all seems well. Then he meets Jack, the bully. School becomes a misery, his favourite toy is destroyed, and Peter starts to wet the bed. Mum discovers the problem and suggests they have a party for his new school mates - including Jack. Peter isn't sure about this, but he goes along with the idea and takes an invitation to Jack's house because he is ill. While there, he discovers a lot about Jack, and the two become friends. There is good detail about the house move and Peter's adjustment to his new school as well as about bullying. The illustrations are excellent and match the text well. There is a new edition of this book with a new title: Leave Me Alone! Published by Tulip Books in 2013. The ISBN for the paperback version is: 9781783880003.
Age: 6+