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Dealing with Racism ISBN: 9781445157900
Dean, Venitia and Lacey, Jane
Published by Franklin Watts, 2019
One of a series of information books for young children (Key Stage 1) with stories of individuals having problems and giving advice on how to cope. This book on racism tells stories about Kwame from Ghana, who has little English and who is bullied by other children, but has one friend from Poland who understands. There is also Faiza, who is Muslim, and because of this the other children believe that she isn’t allowed to do things like watching TV or going to parties. Dipti, born in the UK, is shocked when her friend asks where she comes from. Shen and Reggie are best friends, but others in the class keep calling Shen other Chinese names, which makes him angry. Binh and Marvin, who is black, used to be friends, but since Binh joined a gang of other Vietnamese boys, Marvin isn’t allowed in. Bilal and his sister Nasreen are bullied by boys after school, but Bilal won’t let Nasreen tell anyone about it. All of these situations are handled in different ways, some with friends, some with teachers, and the last one brings in the police. There are good coping strategies, and the theme is evident: racism can take many different forms, and progress can only be made through understanding the differences in others that make up our world and revelling in those differences. The bright, simple illustrations and clear text add much to the whole, and at the end, a short glossary, some helpful web sites, a brief index, and notes for adults using the book will be useful. There is also a play script at the end for use in schools. A nicely produced, practical book for both school and home.
Age: 5+