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Swimmy ISBN: 9781783441754
Lionni, Leo
Published by Andersen Press, 2015
A classic picture book about teamwork and how to outwit the bullies. Swimmy is a little black fish while all the other small fish in his shoal are red, and one day while the shoal is swimming around, a big tuna comes along and swallows the lot! - all except Swimmy. This makes Swimmy scared and sad, but as he swims along and sees all the beautiful things around him - a delicate jelly fish, a green and spotted lobster, strange-coloured fish, a 'forest of seaweeds', and 'an eel whose tail is almost to far away to remember' - he becomes happier, and when he finds another shoal of little red fish, hiding in shadows, he wants them to come out to play with him. But they can't. They know the big fish will eat them if they do. So, Swimmy, a resourceful lad, comes up with a plan. Together they can swim in formation, looking like a big fish, and he, as the only black fish, will be the eye. This way they can scare all the other big fish away. And so they do. Teamwork against the bullies is always a good idea! The watercolour illustrations in this wonderful book are outstanding - fragile, gauzy and floating - and along with the lyrical text make a perfect combination. A good book to use in schools to explain to young children how working together can solve lots of problems.
Age: 5+