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Taking the cat's way home ISBN: 9781844281282
Howard, Paul and Mark, Jan
Published by Walker (Sprinters series), 2005
Furlong has been named because of his long marmalade fur, and a splendid cat he is. He and Jane are the closest of friends, and everyone in the neighbourhood knows Furlong. When new boy William turns up at school, he is the exception. He hates cats and calls Furlong 'a loo brush'. Then he throws a stone, and while Furlong is unhurt, Jane is incensed and hits out at William. They are both in trouble at school, but William tells Jane he will 'get her'. Jane has seen Furlong take a new route home, over the walls surrounding the school and estate where she and best friend Andrea live, so the two girls take 'the cat's way home' on top of the walls in order to avoid William. As he follows, gets lost and ends up crying in Jane's back garden, the girls feel smugly justified at his downfall. Lots of black and white drawings and large print make this easily read. A gentle story about bullying on a nominal level - and the pictures of Furlong are super. For cat lovers - and haters!
Age: 5+