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'Bartholomew' and Leonard, MarciaHow I feel scared3+
Adams, Anna and Vlitos, JosianeDon't Worry, Murray! : a child's guide to help overcome worries5+
Agee, JonThe Wall In the Middle of the Book4+
Alexander, ClaireA Little Bit of Courage3+
Ali, S.K., Aly, Hatem and Muhammad, IbtihajThe Proudest Blue : A Story of Hijab and Family5+
Amos, Janine and Green, GwenAfraid6+
Arnold, TeddI'm falling to bits4+
Aston, Martin and Gates, SusanSnake-pit school6+
Aye, Nila and Haworth, KatieFearless Mirabelle4+
Barker, Vicky, Costa, Natalie and Cox, BethStretch Your Confidence : Discover what you can do!8+
Bates, Ivan and McBratney, SamThe dark at the top of the stairs3+
Beck, Ian and McCaughrhean, GeraldineLittle angels3+
Bingham, Jane and Turner, HelenScared ( Everybody Feels series)4+
Birmingham, Christian and Whybrow, IanLittle Farmer Joe3+
Bloomfield, Jenny and John, LouThe Worry Jar5+
Bloor, ThomasThe memory prisoner10+
Blume, JudyOtherwise known as Sheila the Great9+
Bode, Ann De and Broere, RienMummy, Mummy, where are you?5+
Bray, MadgeSusie and the Wise Hedgehog go to court7+
Brenner, Andrew, Guinness, Grainne Mc and Majumdar, SumitaPablo and the Noisy Party3+
Bright, Paul and Cort, BenUnder the bed3+
Bright, Rachel and Chatterton, ChrisThe Worrysaurus 4+
Brisenden, Rhys and Reed, NathanIncredible You5+
Brooker, Jo and Medina, SarahWorried (Feelings)5+
Browne, AnthonySilly Billy4+
Browne, AnthonyThe tunnel4+
Browne, AnthonyWhat If...?4+
Browne, AnthonyWilly the champ5+
Browne, AnthonyWilly the wimp5+
Brownlee, Liz, Goodfellow, Matt, Mucha, Laura and Wheeler, Victoria JaneBeing Me : Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings9+
Bucker, Jutta and Moss, MiriamThe best dog in the world4+
Buckingham, MattWimpy Shrimpy3+
Burgerman, JonEverybody worries3+
Burningham, JohnAldo3+
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, HollyEverybody Feels... Scared4+
Camp, Lindsay and Sandford, PiersSam and Mr. Wallace5+
Carmona, Hannah and Cunha, AnnaAnita and the Dragons5+
Cartlidge, Michelle and Morgan, MichaelaBrave Mouse3+
Cave, Kathryn and Maland, NickThe brave little grork3+
Cave, Kathryn and Maland, NickYou've got dragons4+
Ceulemans, Eglantine and Nadin, JoannaThe Stepmonster5+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Hendry, DianaDog Dottington3+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Mooney, BelI'm scared6+
Chamberlain, Margaret and Roy, JacquelineBeing Ben6+
Chapman, Jane and Wilson, KarmaBear Feels Scared3+
Chapman, Lynne and Rix, JamieGiddy Goat2+
Child, LaurenBeware of the storybook wolves4+
Child, LaurenClarice Bean, Don't Look Now9+
Chissick, Michael and Peacock, SarahLadybird's Remarkable Relaxation: How Children (and Frogs, Dogs, Flamingos and Dragons) Can Use Yoga Relaxation to Help Deal with Stress, Grief, Bully4+
Christelis, Paul and Jeria, XimenaWorries4+
Christelis, Paul and Paganeli, ElisaExploring Emotions (Mindful Me series)6+
Christopher, Lucy and Suvorova, AnastasiaShadow5+
Cooper, HelenThe bear under the stairs3+
Coplans, PetaFrightened Fred4+
Corry, LydiaMooncat and Me5+
Cotterill, JoJelly10+
Cowell, CressidaHiccup the Viking who was seasick2+
Creech, Sharon and Horne, SarahSaving Winslow7+
Davey, Patrick, Smith, Anna and Wilson, AnneCheeky Worries : A Story to Help Children Talk About and Manage Scary Thoughts and Everyday Worries4+
Dickinson, Peter and Lawrie, RobinChuck and Danielle6+
Doney, Meryl and Hansen, GabyThe Very Worried Sparrow4+
Donnelly, Strawberrie and Fine, AnneStranger danger6+
Eason, SarahChin Up, Charlie! Be Brave (You Choose!)6+
Edwards, Nicola and Hickey, KatieHappy: A Children's Book of Mindfulness5+
English, Tracy and Tangerine, AmyMaking Memories : practice mindfulness, learn to journal and scrapbook, find calm every day.8+
Eyles, Heather and Ross, TonyWell I never!5+
Feiffer, Jules and Heide, Florence ParrySome things are scary4+
Foreman, Jack and Foreman, MichaelSay hello4+
Foreman, Michael and Gray, NigelI'll take you to Mrs Cole6+
Foreman, Michael and Piers, HelenLong Neck and Thunder Foot3+
Foster, John (Ed)Seriously scary poems5+
Gardner, SallyMummy, don't go out tonight3+
Gaudrat, Marie-Agnes and Oxenbury, HelenTom and Pippo and the vacuum cleaner2+
Glicksman, CarolineBig Black Dog3+
Gliori, DebiThe Scariest Thing of All3+
Gorbachev, ValeriChicken chickens2+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianI feel frightened4+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianI'm worried4+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianIs there anything there at the top of the stair?3+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianSamuel Scaredosaurus (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too)5+
Gordon, Mike and Moses, BrianWilliam Worrydactyl (Dinosaurs Have Feelings, Too)4+
Graham, Brooke and Tatlow-Lord, RobinGo Away, Worry Monster!4+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, DesideriaBut What If? A Book About Feeling Worried (Our Emotions & Behaviour)5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, DesideriaTake a Deep Breath: A Book About Being Brave (Our Emotions & Behaviour)5+
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, DesideriaWho Feels Scared?: A Book about Being Afraid (Our Emotions & Behaviour)5+
Gravett, EmilyLittle Mouse's big book of fears5+
Gray, Kes and Wildish, LeeWorries Go Away!5+
Hamilton, Emily and Knightsmith, PookyThe Healthy Coping Colouring Book and Journal: Creative Activities to Help Manage Stress, Anxiety and Other Big Feelings9+
Harrison, JoannaDear Bear4+
Hicks, Zehra and Rooney, RachelThe Problem with Problems5+
Higgins, Chris and Wildish, LeeMy Funny Family On Holiday7+
Hillyard, KimGretel the Wonder Mammoth : A story about overcoming anxiety5+
Hudson, Charlotte and McQuillan, MaryWho will sing my puff-a-bye?3+
Huebner, Dawn and Matthews, BonnieWhat to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What to Do Guides for Kids)6+
Huebner, Dawn and Stevens, LizaFacing Mighty Fears About Health6+
Huebner, Dawn and Stevens, LizaFacing Mighty Fears About Throwing Up5+
Huebner, Dawn PhD and Stevens, LizaFacing Mighty Fears About Trying New Things6+
Hughes, ShirleyAlfie gives a hand3+
Hughes, ShirleyDon't Want to Go!3+
Hutchins, PatRosie's walk3+
Irgens, Ashild, Lystad, Mina and Mackie, SianAlfred and the Blue Whale7+
James, Alice and Moncrieff, StephenThe Unworry Book9+
James, SimonLittle One Step3+
Jones, Anthony Lloyd and Macdonald, Ian The Nervous Knight5+
Josef and Palecek, LibuseBrave as a tiger3+
King, Cara and Kwok, AshlingThe Battle : Starting school can be scary sometimes!4+
King, Cara and Russell, PaulCourageous Lucy : the girl who liked to worry6+
King-Smith, DickTumbleweed8+
Knapp, Cecilia and others and Manopov, Masha and othersCourage in a Poem: poems about empowerment9+
Knowles, Alison and Wiltshire, SophieOllie and His Superpowers6+
Law, DaisySecret, Secret3+
Layton, Neal and Wishinsky, FriedaNothing scares us3+
Lee, WendyLeon Spreads His Wings (Walker Story)4+
Lewis, Anthony and Nimmo, JennyThe owl tree9+
Lewis, Jan and Stimson, JoanWorried Arthur4+
Lieshout, Ted vanThe dearest boy in all the world7+
Mackesy, CharlieThe Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse8+
May, Paul and Sheppard, KateBilly and the seagulls8+
Meza, ErikaAs Brave as a Lion4+
Milne, TerryCharlie Star5+
Morris, Jackie and Soros, BarbaraGrandmother's song8+
Morrisroe, Rachel and Okstad, EllaThe Drama Llama : A story about soothing anxiety5+
Murphy, Stef and Page, AlexandraThe Worry Tiger4+
O'Donoghue, KatieThe Little Squirrel Who Worried3+
Oram, Hiawyn and Ross, TonyA message for Santa3+
Ostheeren, Ingrid and Unzner-Fischer, ChristaMartin and the Pumpkin Ghost4+
Paine, Colin and Rose, MarionGeorgie and the dragon3+
Parr, ToddThe I’m Not Scared Book4+
Peacock, Sarah and Treisman, KarenPresley the Pug and the Tranquil Teepee : a story to help kids relax and self-regulate5+
Percival, TomRuby's Worry5+
Pinfold, LeviBlack Dog5+
Potter, Alicia and Sif, BirgittaMiss Hazeltine's Home for Shy and Fearful Cats4+
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti and Wojtowycz, DavidMonkey Business2+
Prater, JohnReally brave Tim3+
Rankin, JoanScaredy cat3+
Rankin, Laura and Stewart, AmberRabbit Ears2+
Ross, Tony and Willis, JeanneFly, Chick, Fly!3+
Rutherford, Meg and Stimson, JoanBrave lion, scared lion3+
Sanna, FrancescaMe and My Fear4+
Sharratt, Nick and Wilson, JacquelineThe worry website9+
Sheibani, JionJaz and the New Baby6+
Sheibani, JionSohal finds a friend6+
Sorosiak, Carlie and Walker, KatieRoar Like a Lion9+
Stead, RebeccaLiar and Spy10+
Thomas, PatWhy Do I Feel Scared?: A First Look at Being Brave6+
Vickers, Laura and Wargelin, PeggyFlying to See Janet: A Fun Guide to the Airport Experience6+
Ward, NickSquash the spider3+
Warnes, TimThe Great Cheese Robbery
Watt, MelanieScaredy Squirrel5+
White, Kathryn and Wright, CliffGood day, bad day3+
Willems, MoSam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World5+
Williams, MarciaNo worries!6+
Williams, MarciaNot a worry in the world4+
Wilson, JacquelineCliffhanger8+