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Bear Feels Scared ISBN: 9780545203203
Chapman, Jane and Wilson, Karma
Published by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, 2008
In another of the wonderful series of books about Bear and his friends, we find him out and about when night starts to fall, and he begins to feel afraid. What is he to do? He is lost and frightened and a storm is coming: 'He huddles by a tree and he wails 'Poor me!'' Of course, his friends who are waiting for him back in the cave become worried and decide to set out to find him. Hare, Mouse, Badger and Mole tie themselves together with rope so they won't get lost from each other and they and the birds go out into the storm - a howling, raging one by this time: 'Badger lights a lamp and he shouts, 'Let's go!' All the birds search high while the rest search low.' And they find him - only ten feet away from the cave, crouched amongst tree roots. They give him hugs and make a great fuss of him, and soon they are all back home in the lair where Bear tells his friends stories while they fall asleep. He is safe once again. The rhymes, the superb illustrations, at once scary and cosy and warm, make up the most complete story which will have children first worried and then relieved that Bear has come through. Brilliant! Every child should read these books and enjoy both poems and pictures.
Age: 3+