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Fearless Mirabelle ISBN: 9781787410732
Aye, Nila and Haworth, Katie
Published by Templar Publishing, 2018
Mirabelle and Meg are identical twins in a loving circus family, and while Mirabelle has been full of bounce and activity since a baby, Meg has always been a great noise-maker. Later on when they are older, Mirabelle climbs on everything, shows no fear and loves to be the centre of attention, while Meg is the talker and reader in the family. When their parents decide it is time they go to work in the circus as acrobats (like their mum and dad) Mirabelle is delighted and takes to the act like a natural, but Meg turns out to be terrified of heights. Her supportive parents give her 'lots of cuddles' and say there will be other things she can do in the circus. But nothing seems right for her. She is sad, and retreats to the family caravan while Mirabelle practices for her debut as 'Fearless Mirabelle, the Amazing Girl with No Fear'. The debut goes amazingly well, and Mirabelle is feted as a star. But there is a problem. All the people crowded around wanting to interview her terrify her: her...'legs wobbled like jellyfish. Her hands shook like earthquakes. Her toes trembled like turkeys.' Step up Meg, the great talker, who can happily answer all the questions and proceeds to do so! She becomes the compere for Mirabelle's act and has equal billing with her twin. This story has wonderful pictures that say so much about being a twin and also about loving families and how they handle problems that arise. There is much humour too, and children as well as parents will enjoy that aspect. Mirabelle and Meg look exactly alike, but they are very different personalities. Hooray for differences! So nice to find a picture book about twins that shows just how different they can be.
Age: 4+