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The tunnel ISBN: 9780744552393
Browne, Anthony
Published by Walker
An older brother and younger sister are very different. She loves to read and dream, and he is a rough and tumble outdoors sort. They fight constantly, and one morning their mum sends them out because she can stand no more. On a rough piece of inner-city land, the boy finds a tunnel and wants to explore. The girl says no, but after her brother has been gone a long time, she realises she must follow him in spite of her fears. Her journey through the dark tunnel and a frightening wood take her to her brother who has been turned to stone. The power of her love brings him back to life, and the children learn that they really do love each other in spite of their differences. This is a powerful parable, with Browne's justly famous style of illustration. Darkness and light, reality and fairytale blend seamlessly.
Age: 4+