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Everybody worries ISBN: 9780192766052
Burgerman, Jon
Published by Oxford University Press, 2021
This cheerful, brightly-coloured picturebook should help even the most confirmed worrier feel more cheerful! We learn that worries big and little can affect brave and resourceful souls as well as timid and shy ones, and that worries are different for each person. They can make one feel sad inside: 'Sometimes a big change turns your world upside down that makes you feel worried and wear a long frown.' And with this rhyme comes a picture of a small creature with what is obviously a new baby sister. There are ways to help, too - talking to someone about the problem, taking deep, slow breaths, drawing pictures, or eating well and taking plenty of exercise. The information is simple, but good, and the rhyming and pictures make the whole content accessible.
Age: 3+