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Everybody Feels... Scared ISBN: 9781784934262
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly
Published by QED Publishing, 2016
In a series of books for young children about the emotions, this one tells us about being frightened - what it is, what it feels like, and how it can affect us. The context is school. Omar is scared because he is facing his first day at a new school. He doesn't want his breakfast, and his legs feel wobbly when he and his mum are walking. At school he meets Chloe, who befriends him and loans him her toy elephant Beebee for luck, and soon he is making other new friends and feeling better. Then it is Chloe who is feeling scared and Omar who helps her. Chloe has a special shell she has found, and the teacher wants her to tell the class about it. Standing up in front of the class to talk is very scary, and Chloe has difficulty sleeping the night before. Omar tells her it's a beautiful shell and everyone will like it; also she has Beebee in her pocket for luck. Sure enough, all goes well, and Chloe is happy. The final section tells us of the importance of helping people who are feeling scared. There are then summaries of Omar's and Chloe's stories and a glossary with simple explanations of some of the words used. A page of suggestions for teachers is also included. The pictures are bright and cheerful and expressive of the emotions the children are feeling.
Age: 4+