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The Nervous Knight ISBN: 9781787754164
Jones, Anthony Lloyd and Macdonald, Ian
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2021
This little knight has a real problem. He worries so much about everything that could possibly happen to him, that he never takes off his armour. So no one knows what he looks like, which is probably why the word 'their' instead of 'he' or 'she' is used to indicate the being behind the helmet. This has the strength of being non-gender specific, but may need some explanation. The little knight sleeps, baths and goes to the loo in his armour, which must be difficult, but then again there are so many things to worry about - wars, falling and hurting oneself, a sudden volcano bursting forth (this was a worry of mine when young, so I identified with the little knight about this one),what about dragons, or being made fun of when something goes wrong? The possibilities are endless, and they have made our knight so nervous that he never joins in with jousting or archery or any of the things the other trainees are doing. The little knight sometimes is so scared that breathing is difficult, sometimes the toilet becomes necessary, or shaking, crying or a stomach ache happen. One day, an older girl suggests she could show him all about jousting, and he agrees. But - disaster strikes! He falls off his horse at the first try. All the worries in the world suddenly fall upon our knight; everyone must be laughing. This is terrible - but not so. The other trainees gather round to help and each of them tell the little knight how they handle their worries: to think of good things that might happen instead, or to go for a walk, give a pet a hug, or talk to a friend. The little knight tries all the suggestions, and gradually the armour begins to come off and the lesson is learned that things are not usually so bad as they seem. The end sentence is: ' was always okay.' The illustrations are great - full of chalky colour with soft edges that are encouraging - and the text and pictures together are often funny. A great story for helping the nervous child.
Age: 5+