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Incredible You ISBN: 9781849766975
Brisenden, Rhys and Reed, Nathan
Published by Tate Publishing, 2020
A brilliantly colourful picture book full of animals, circuses, zoos and lots and lots of fun. Right at the beginning, we all admit to the fact that there are days when we really would prefer to be someone or something else, perhaps a dog or a cat, or a fish or an elephant, or even a rhino or giraffe, anything but oneself, particularly after a bad day. But then we have to discover all the things our body and mind let us do, and they are myriad: ‘You can make up a story or read from a book. You can smell, you can taste, you can listen and look.’ And that’s only the beginning. You can draw and paint, kick balls and dance, or put together models, either as they are intended to be or with your own ideas. You can sleep too, and wake up to discover what you want to be or do. ‘You’re fab and fantastic! You’re one of a kind. You’re unique and amazing. Always bear that in mind.’ The rhymes are fun, the illustrations are glorious and very positive in outlook, and the whole is altogether uplifting. Generous spirits wrote and painted this book! Particularly good for those prone to worry.
Age: 5+