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Exploring Emotions (Mindful Me series) ISBN: 9781445157276
Christelis, Paul and Paganeli, Elisa
Published by Franklin Watts, 2018
We all have ‘inner weather’ inside us. This weather is our emotions, so if it is a dull day outside, we may be feeling sunny inside ourselves. – or vice versa. In this information book we meet children at school getting ready for their sports day and the various emotions they are all experiencing. Abu is nervous; Sally is excited; Manisha is angry because she has lost her race; Kenton is sad because he has hurt his ankle and can’t participate; Tom is relieved because his races are finished. Later on, their emotions are all different, and the point is made that emotions are transient, they don’t last long, and if we can learn to identify what we are feeling, name it, accept it, and not blame ourselves for the unpleasant ones, we will ultimately be happier. There are ‘pause buttons’ along the way when we should think about what we are feeling while reading the story and there is good advice for parents about using the book. The pictures are bright and cheerful and very expressive of what the children are thinking. Worry, sadness, anger, pleasure, boredom, joy – all are experienced within a day, and this is the way we all are during our lives. Good for schools and home too.
Age: 6+