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The Drama Llama : A story about soothing anxiety ISBN: 9780241453001
Morrisroe, Rachel and Okstad, Ella
Published by Penguin Random House Children's UK, 2022
When Alex Allen gets stressed, his very quick mind soon produces a bright, pink llama, who gets bigger as his worries get bigger and more abundant: 'It happened during class when Alex didn't know the answer...It happened at a party when he wasn't the best dancer.' Sometimes the llama takes over and becomes the star of the show when Alex has become a failure, and running away from the llama, or trying to hide from him or get rid of him in some way, never does the trick. The llama seems to be here to stay, causing furore and mishaps whenever he turns up. 'He tied it to an apple tree...He locked it in a zoo...He stuck it to a bench with seven tubes of superglue.' It is in the school library where he causes the most ructions, though, and when he starts spitting (!) it is Ms Myrtle, the librarian, who comes to the rescue. She realises that the llama appears because of Alex's worries, and they talk through the problem together. She comes up with some solutions, the main one of which is to talk to someone you trust, and she is just the perfect person. The llama grows smaller as they talk, and soon is cuddling Alex: '...talking to a trusted person makes the creature calmer, and helps to make life easier...when living with a llama.' At the end of the story we are given five mindfulness hints as to how to calm your own particular llama. A very funny and clever picture book with comic-style illustrations that kids will enjoy.
Age: 5+