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The Worrysaurus ISBN: 9781408367285
Bright, Rachel and Chatterton, Chris
Published by Hachette Children's Group, 2022
Although this is a board book, presumably meant for the very young, I have decided to give it a 4+ age level because the clever rhyming and elements of the story seem to be a bit above two-year old thought processes. 'On a hot and sunny morning, under lovely clear blue skies, a little Worrysaurus was opening his eyes.' We begin, then, with our Worrysaurus planning a wonderful day out. After his morning ablutions (teeth and bath) he packs lots of good things to eat and starts off happily, having planned exactly what he will do. But after a time, he begins to think of all the things that could go wrong. Would he get lost, had he packed enough food, what if something unexpected happens? This little Worrysaurus likes to know that he has planned everything in advance, but if something goes awry with his plans, it makes him nervous. When a lizzard turns up, excitedly claiming it is going to rain, the Worrysaurus starts worrying more, even though he can see the hot, sunny day. A butterfly starts to flutter in his stomach. Should he go home, or hide, or find a cave? Luckily, at this point he sees his mum in his mind, who always tells him that he 'must chase that butterfly away!' and he gets out his little box with 'happy things' in it and pulls out all his treasures. This makes him feel better: 'Then he puts away his tin and all the worries in his head...freed his little butterfly for happy thoughts instead.' And when he has convinced himself that 'when the sun is shining, why worry it will rain' he and the lizard have a lovely picnic while knowing that they can enjoy the 'moment' they are in. Lovely story, fun pictures and a great moral.
Age: 4+