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Scared ( Everybody Feels series) ISBN: 9781845387242
Bingham, Jane and Turner, Helen
Published by QED Publishing, 2007
'Scared' is a simple story that explains what it feels like to be scared - shaky, a fast heart beat, wanting to run away or hide, etc. - and it also explains that the feeling doesn't last. We then have two children's stories. Maya is frightened at starting a new school. She really doesn't want to go and cries when mum leaves. But the teacher is kind and soon Maya is finding things to like about school. By the end of the day, she is happy. Jack's story is quite different. While shopping with his dad, they get separated, and Jack is fearful that he will be 'lost forever'. When Maya and her mum find him, they help him find his dad, and they all four have tea together. The final point of the book is to say that helping others who are scared about something is a very good idea. Large print, expressive pictures, and an index and glossary help make the information accessible, and a page of useful information for parents and teachers is helpful too.
Age: 4+