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Happy: A Children's Book of Mindfulness ISBN: 9781848577176
Edwards, Nicola and Hickey, Katie
Published by Caterpillar Books, 2018
Mindfulness is a good thing at the moment, and helping children to overcome worries and concerns should always be a priority. This lovely picture book featuring five children, two of colour and three white (one wears glasses), gives us lots of ideas and hints as to how to make ourselves calmer and happier, and the pictures, full of beautiful countryside and loving-family interiors, will provide lots of reassurance. The text is set in poetry form, and while this is not always great so far as scansion is concerned, it is beautifully put and will appeal to children and adults alike: 'Real life is right under our noses, We can miss it by rushing around, But stopping to smell life's sweet roses is where true happiness can be found.' The five children dash about happily, conforming to the two page spread of each theme covered. In 'Listening', we see a picture of one of the lads sitting in a tree house quietly listening to the sounds he can hear while being still. In 'Relaxing', all five children are lying in the grass enjoying letting tension flow from their bodies, and in 'Feeling' we see one of the children fighting a storm in a boat and are told that there will be bad times as well as good, but the bad times won't last. Other themes are 'Tasting', 'Touching', 'Discovering', 'Smelling', 'Loving', 'Appreciating', and 'Breathing': We breathe deep and expand like the galaxy, we breathe out many thousands of stars, and if ever we start to feel panicky, this reminds us of just who we are.' One of the final illustrations is one of the best - all five children tucked up in bed, three at the head and two at the foot, sleeping together happily. A lovely production and perfect for families with a small worrier, as well as others who want to try Mindfulness with their children.
Age: 5+